Is your current heating and cooling system older? Does it constantly break down, causing you to lose time at work while costing you money to have it repaired? Are you struggling with high utility bills? Do you often feel uncomfortable in your own home and suffer from hot or cold spots? Is your system noisy? Does your home feel too humid in summer and too dry in winter? If any of these sound familiar, it may be time to replace your existing system.


Dave Droegkamp Heating specializes in true home comfort … not just hot and cold. Whether you need to replace an aging furnace, are looking for a cost-effective solution for a rental property, or want a complete system to maximize efficiency and solve your home’s comfort problems, we deliver. We offer heating and cooling installation solutions for conventional forced-air systems, boilers, radiant and in-floor heating, packaged units, mini-split systems, and even geothermal. But we don’t stop there! We know that Indoor Air Quality – including filtration, humidification, ventilation, air purification, odor removal, and dehumidification – all play a part in true home comfort, a healthy indoor environment, and the protection of your property.


We offer free, convenient, in-home estimates, where we’ll take the time to understand your needs, wants, and system so we can provide options and solutions that you are comfortable with. And when you’re ready to have the work done, our well-trained, knowledgeable, and courteous installers will get the job done right. Our employees will respect you and your property, and minimize the inconvenience of it all. When we say, “Your comfort is our family’s tradition,” we mean it.




From simple starter homes to immaculate custom designs, Dave Droegkamp Heating has been a leader in the marketplace and called on for more than 30 years by the best builders in Southeastern Wisconsin to meet the heating, cooling, and ventilation needs of their customers. With thousands of systems in new homes since 1982, we continue to install the best brands in the industry, whether you’re looking for conventional systems, radiant in-floor, or even turnkey geothermal systems. Using the finest skilled craftsmen in the trade, we’ve literally built our reputation here. When Dave Droegkamp made a commitment to quality and doing the job right, he kept it … and stood behind it, period. This is the company we continue to be today.


When you build a new home, you’re making an investment. With advances in building construction techniques and design, you need a contractor that has the experience to get the job done right and keep your project on track. The last thing you want is for your new construction project to become a science project for an inexperienced contractor.


Our knowledgeable staff is happy to meet contractors and customers alike to review all the options available, so you can be sure you’re making the right choices for your next build.




Dave Droegkamp Heating is pleased to offer a wide range of radiant and in-floor solutions for customers looking for options beyond conventional forced-air systems. Whether you’re looking for highly efficient complete in-floor heating for your new home, or trying to find someone who can help you keep the charm of your existing antique radiators as part of a working system, look no further.


Specializing in the reliable, efficient performance of Weil-McLain boilers, we have the ability to offer whole-home radiant heat systems, floor warming, finished lower levels, domestic water heating, even heated garage floors and snow melt systems. From simple to simply amazing, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver reliable comfort for your next radiant/in-floor project.




Whether efficiency is your top priority or you’re looking for the most environmentally friendly options available, Dave Droegkamp Heating is your “green” contractor! Recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA as the most environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home, geothermal systems produce no carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gas emissions!


As Southeastern Wisconsin’s WaterFurnace GeoPro dealer, we’ve led the local marketplace, installing more than 150 systems in new homes and as replacement systems in existing homes. Our geothermal installations can supply 100% of your home’s heating, cooling, and hot water needs … all without any noisy or unsightly outdoor equipment to detract from your outdoor landscape, entertaining, and relaxation. Our installations are turnkey start to finish, offering a seamless installation experience. Go green and start saving today!




In a marketplace of prefabrication and cookie-cutter installations, Dave Droegkamp Heating is proud to offer the exception. Craftsmanship earned through generations of know-how and experience still exist here! We’re proud to offer true custom copper work and genuine built-to-fit sheet metal fabrication not available through many of today’s heating and cooling shops. With a complete custom sheet metal shop on site, we can offer hand-crafted, often one-of-a-kind sheet metal work you’ll be proud to have as part of your next building project.




Often times, our customers have chosen to remodel or add on to their existing home. If you are considering this for your next project, we urge you to choose your contractor carefully. When you’re working with existing systems and not new, “from-the-ground-up” projects, things can become far more complicated.


When you significantly alter your existing home, you alter the way your home performs, and often times change what your existing system is capable of. Too often, inexperienced contractors will just add some heat here and run a duct there and have you believe it’s all you’ll need. It might be … or it might not!


Is your system sized properly to handle the changes? Will you still have control of the temperature in all areas, and expect true comfort? Have you considered proper ventilation, humidity levels, or zoning options? When you call Dave Droegkamp Heating, we’ll work with you to really understand the scope of your project and make sure you know all your options, so you can be confident your comfort expectations are met. After all you’ve invested, why take chances when you can be sure?







We had Dave Droegkamp install a new furnace about 6 years ago. A down draft furnace because there is not a basement. At that time we knew we wanted central air so they installed an AC coil. Last year we completed the AC. For whatever reason things did not seem to go well. Numerous service calls after which it always seemed better but not what we thought central air would be. In late spring 2016 we decided to try again with a service call. I could not believe when we got a call three days BEFORE the appointment from the general manager saying he saw us on the schedule again. He said that they would make this right up to and including replacing the whole condensing unit. The serviceman came, diagnosed, replaced the unit and made sure that we were satisfied. We did not pay any more money and we have central air the way it should be. We cannot thank Dave Droegkamp enough for following through and stepping up to help us .Thanks again!


Fran M.

We needed an air conditioner condensing unit replaced at a duplex which we were in the process of selling. Time was an issue and they made sure they would get there and install it in time. I had to set the date forward due to an inspection and they were happy to make it work. The price was reasonable and their assistance made it easy. They even helped by writing a letter stating that the new owner could contact them to get the warranty put in his name which was helpful. They did everything to make the process easy.


Joan A. | Colgate, WI 


Jason was excellent. He went above and beyond by answering questions about the existing system and making maintenance suggestions. He even patched a couple of leaks and some missing pipe insulation. Just Great! I will certainly recommend Dave Droegkamp Heating if the opportunity arises.


George O. 

Fantastic workforce, cleaned up after themselves, polite and helpful. Would highly recommend your company to others. Thank you.


Jean B. 



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