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Our Response to COVID in Southeastern Wisconsin

Dave Droegkamp has been operating at full capacity during the entire COVID crisis. And we will continue to do so. Heating, ventilation, air filtration, air purification and cooling are essential businesses that cannot pause in a health crisis.

We have taken extensive steps to ensure that your family is safe when we’re meeting with you about your new home comfort equipment, and can consult with you remotely if you wish. We have also taken many steps to work safely in your home, even if you and your family are present. Please contact us by phone and let us share what we’ve done to make sure you are protected.

Heating Replacement and Service – As the cooling season winds down, and the heating season is right around the corner, plans begin to change from how to be outside, to how to be inside. Dave Droegkamp Heating and Air is ready to assist. If your furnace struggled to keep up last year, or you had temperature differences from room to room, let’s discuss these issues as early in the season as possible.

Adding humidity to your home in winter – The CDC has studied virus transmission in varying levels of humidity. Results show that higher humidity leads to loss of infections virus in the air.

Humidity adds comfort. It is now also shown to add safety for your family. Adding humidity to your home in winter is best accomplished at your furnace. If that is something you’d like to explore, we can help.

UV-C and HEPPA Air Filtration – If you would like to employ additional precautions to protect your family, we also install and service UVC light systems into forced-air heating and air conditioning systems, and offer HEPPA filtration options.

Educating yourself on the efficiency of UVC at inactivating Sars-COV-2 is the only way to decide if adding UV-C to your home’s heating and air system, is right for you and your family. Click these links to start digging in to the data.

Dave Droegkamp Heating and Air has been focused on your family’s safety and comfort for over 38 years. We’re here for you when you need us.