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Air is life. Don’t settle for less than perfect air.

Protect your family with whole house filtration and UV Air Purification. Plus automation that you can control from your smartphone

Healthy, perfect air inside your Southeastern Wisconsin Home. All controlled from your smartphone

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Healthy Air

Dave Droegkamp Heating specializes in healthy, perfect-air systems for your home. We can install systems that kill germs and bacteria or that eliminate and control pet odors and other household chemicals. Filtration systems that eliminate dust and annoying allergens. Humidity control for both wet and dry conditions, and air exchange for fresher air all year long. Call us today to explore what’s possible. These problem solvers can be added to most existing home heating systems so there’s no need to wait until you upgrade your existing equipment.

Humidity Control

Humidity can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on the season. In the winter, a dry home can exhibit many signs of dryness. Spacing or gaps in millwork and cabinetry due to shrinking wood is the most common. Static shocks and itchy skin are other common symptoms of dryness. Wood doors that shrink in their frames allow air to leak costing you money. All these things can be remedied with proper humidity. In the summer, high humidity is uncomfortable and can be the cause of other issues. There is more to installing an air conditioner to cool a home. Proper installation, sizing and set up are critical to performance, comfort, and proper dehumidification.

Always In Charge – Thermostats And Controls

In the 20th century, thermostats allowed you to turn on the heat or air conditioning and set a temperature. Today’s thermostats allow you do that plus so much more.  Run schedules, plan away times, monitor conditions remotely, change settings, receive alerts, control system accessories and more! Do it all from your cell phone, tablet, or computer. Many systems are also compatible with whole home automation hubs like Google Home, Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, and more.

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“Peter, Andy and Chad were the finest I ever met in your type of business. They were informative respectful, understanding, and most of all a bunch of nice guys. I’m sure Dave Droegkamp is just as proud of them. Any referral I run across, family of friends, your name will be out front.”

— Lennox Customer Survey

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